Mary Magdalene found healing at the feet of Jesus and then became a star in the most important scene in the Gospels. She had a questionable past but a promising future. But I don’t want to focus on Mary. I want to focus on the stone in Mary’s path. The bible says in Matthew 28 that the Lord sent an angel down to roll back the stone at the entrance of the tomb where Jesus was laid. I’m sure everyone can agree that we all have stones in our paths. One thing to note is the stone wasn’t rolled back until Mary arrived she needed to see it moved. She needed to see what was in the tomb and she needed the guidance of that angel that moved it when she did. The passage goes on to say that Jesus wasn’t there and that she should look inside and then go quickly to tell the disciples he has risen. The angel told Mary to look into the tomb before she left so she could see it and never have to look back at it again. She mourned Jesus’ death, but the angel made it clear that this tomb would be a thing of the past. He allowed her to look for closure and then sent her on an assignment.

We all have tombs in our lives with stones that need to be rolled back. Some tombs are filled with hurt possibly from a friendship gone bad; pain from a bad relationship; brokenness from unresolved issues; sickness and the list goes on. As women we sometimes feel we got it all under control; that we can handle it. But why would you want to, when you have a mighty God the can come a roll that stone away, allow us to move forward from what is in that tomb and never look back. God walks with us and ahead of us, which means He knows when we need the stone to be moved and he will be there to move it. He will allow us to look into that tomb and strengthen us to walk away. We have to deal with the brokenness, the pain, disappointment, the sickness and see the emptiness, we cannot ignore the tomb where these things are held. We need to acknowledge the tomb for healing and to regain wholeness. God is waiting for us to allow him to roll back the stone, so we can enter into the tomb and see the things inside, we will then leave never to return. When Mary left the tomb, the bible says she left afraid yet filled with joy. I for one can attest to that feeling. Even while writing this I am afraid yet filled with joy. Afraid of the unknown, yet joyful knowing that God is making a way ahead of me. The good thing about being afraid is that fear is where your faith kicks in, that’s where we can all allow God to step in and show out. Fear and faith cannot coexist! By placing faith where my fear is I can walk with weight in my steps knowing God will make a way. His words will be a lamp onto my feet and a light onto my path.

I encourage you no matter where you are in your walk whether you are walking up to the stone praying it will be moved, already have the stone moved but you are stuck in the tomb unable to release, or if you are on the way out of the tomb; let go and allow God to take over. We are all in different places but we all have the same God who will step in move that stone and help us face our tomb. He will fill in that fear if we allow him. When we leave our tomb, we can walk away expecting miracles and healing from all the things we leave there. I pray whatever it is that you are going through will be left there for you to never have to turn back and see again. I saw my tomb and I am walking out expecting miracles and knowing that any surprises along my walk will be taken care of because God is going before me. God will heal us all from the things in the tomb, but we have to leave them there.


2 thoughts on “Don’t look back

  1. Each and every post drew me closer! Some of what I read was needed in this time. Continue to write and encourage because your posts are nothing short of amazing!

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