Have you ever heard anyone say they’re “looking” for their Boaz? Well this statement is based on an epic love story in the Book of Ruth. Fun fact about this story, Ruth was NOT looking for her Boaz. Ruth’s stewardship is what God used to lead Boaz to her. Ruth’s husband died and she was given the opportunity to return home and start a new life, but she chose to stay with her mother-in-law Naomi and take care of her. She moved to Naomi’s hometown and there she took a job as a gleaner. A gleaner is someone who picked the leftover barley after the harvesters picked all they wanted. Gleaners got what was left and had fallen to the ground. This was one of the lowest jobs you could have but as a foreigner this was all she could do. Enter Boaz, Ruth happened to be gleaning in his field. When Boaz took notice of her, he recognized she was the woman who came to take care of Naomi. Let’s all note; Ruth’s reputation preceded her. Boaz knew exactly who she was and what she did. He was able to easily notice her because she was were God placed her and doing what she was assigned. Her faithfulness and stewardship are what allowed Boaz to be sent into her life.

Often, we look at this love story and see how Ruth and Boaz came together. Everyone will tell you to wait on the one, to wait for God to place your significant other in your life; however, I hardly hear anyone talk about Ruth’s faithfulness and stewardship. God gives us all a degree of stewardship, things that we should be doing and if we are like Ruth when the time is right God will allow Boaz to enter into our lives. Now ask yourself, are you being a faithful steward? Their story illustrates that we must always be working and taking care of what God has given us first. Stewards are to be trustworthy and to work heartily for the Lord. You have to be in place and when it is time for your Boaz to come (because we are NOT looking for him, right ladies) God will send him directly to you.

I challenge you to nurture your relationship with God. Seek him and take on what he has placed on you and pour your all into it. Become the faithful steward we see in Ruth. In Matthew 6:33 it says But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Continue to be faithful and prayerful allowing God to use you and be a steward while waiting for him to send your Boaz to you.


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